New York-based Nabila Khashoggi currently raises financing for industrial and entertainment projects. She is also the author of a comic book series, and she runs Nabila K Cosmetics, a lifestyle and cosmetics company that specializes in natural skin care products. Throughout her varied career, Nabila Khashoggi has proven her strong entrepreneurial drive by engaging in numerous business endeavors.

An entrepreneur develops an idea and then initiates a business, usually with some potential risk involved. Entrepreneurship generally requires long hours and great sacrifices, but the potential rewards are tremendous. Successful entrepreneurs possess the following characteristics:

1.) Leadership Skills – An entrepreneur must have strong decision making abilities and the ability to motivate people to achieve a common goal.
2.) Self-motivated – A successful entrepreneur works tirelessly to resolve problems.
3.) Ethics and Integrity – Consumers and other businesses are not interested in doing business with anyone who does not possess high standards and integrity.
4.) No Fear of Failure – Successful entrepreneurs must take risks in order to obtain rewards.
5.) Innovative – Successful entrepreneurs are always coming up with new ideas or working to improve existing ideas.
6.) Always Learning – Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask questions when necessary.
7.) Competitive – Entrepreneurs enjoy a challenge, and they like to win.
8.) Strong Network of Peers – The best entrepreneurs understand they cannot succeed alone.


About Nabila Khashoggi

A veteran businesswoman, philanthropist, mother, and actress, Nabila Khashoggi’s multifaceted career spans three decades and residence on several continents. Working primarily to secure financing for entertainment and industrial projects from her office in New York, Nabila Khashoggi is also about to market a new line of natural cosmetic products. Intending to raise childhood awareness of other cultures, geography, and the environment, she is also writing a children’s comic book series, entitled Spartan and the Green Egg. Nabila Khashoggi received her education in France, Switzerland, and England, later accepting a position as a Vice President of Triad Commercial Corporation and Al-Nasr Trading, companies that her father controlled. Her daily responsibilities involved import-and-export transactions, commodities trading, project development, and the financing of agricultural complexes in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In 1983, Nabila Khashoggi co-founded Infolex, a search engine for travel information developed by software engineers with design and marketing experience whose work anticipated the technology on which today’s travel search engines rely. This cutting-edge solution provided users with speedy access to travel information at airports and hotels throughout Europe and North America. For the next three years, Nabila Khashoggi worked with her brother to establish Mara Intrepids Camp as a Kenyan tourist destination. She also devoted energy to developing and marketing properties in such major markets as London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Another one of her ventures during this period involved financing and marketing mobile hospital units and associated medical equipment. With ambitions beyond business, Nabila Khashoggi has pursued training as an actress, performing on stage, in film, and on television. She is a committed supporter of The Children for Peace (ONLUS), an Italian-based nonprofit organization benefitting children in third-world countries. She is the mother of two sons and actively encourages environmental responsibility and organic lifestyle habits.

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