Nabila Khashoggi continues to lead a productive, creative life both personally and professionally. Ms. Khashoggi moved to Europe  to continue her education. She joined a number of business ventures, beginning with her father’s companies Triad Commercial Corporation and Al-Nasr Trading, where she served as Vice President. In 1983, Nabila Khashoggi co-founded Infolex, a computer-based information source in hotels and airports for tourists and business travelers. Before the Internet became widely used, Infolex assisted in the placement of reservations for travelers in both North America and Europe. Additionally, Ms. Khashoggi joined her brother in creating and managing a tourist camp called Mara Intrepids in the country of Kenya. During this time, she also took on real estate projects in the countries of Spain, France, England, and the United States, and facilitated the financing, marketing, and distribution of medical equipment and mobile hospital units.Following her interests in the area of philanthropy and charity, Nabila Khashoggi became Director of the Khashoggi Foundation. She played a pivotal role helping children and struggling families in the Middle East through general aid, educational services, and funding. Today, Nabila Khashoggi gives back to others through her partnership with the nonprofit The Children for Peace (ONLUS). Founded by Ms. Khashoggi’s stepmother and based out of Rome, Italy, The Children for Peace brings aid to children and the poor around the world.

Nabila Khashoggi currently works on developing all-natural body care products and cosmetics, the first of which will be a line of bubble bath products. Also a writer, she composes a series of children’s comic books designed to teach children about different cultures. Ms. Khashoggi has starred in a number of films, television programs, and theatre productions, including the London-based one-woman show Everything in the Garden, which was well received by critics and audiences.