Natural Beauty Tips

Nabila Khashoggi, entrepreneur and mother of two, is the creator of the Nabila K line of natural skincare products. Using a chemical-free approach to beauty, Nabila Khashoggi believes in the importance of revitalizing the skin through natural means.

The following are natural products used to enhance beauty and help maintain skin health:

Strawberry Masks: Many acne cleansers use salicylic acid as their primary ingredient, which is naturally found in strawberries. A natural strawberry mask is a great way to naturally fight acne.

Honey Moisturizer: Honey not only has antiseptic properties, which help fight acne, but it can also fight dry skin. A teaspoon of honey applied to the face for as little as 10 minutes can work wonders for skin health.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: Apple Cider Vinegar can help cleanse and reduce buildup. Simply mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water for a deep-cleansing shampoo.

Coconut Oil Shave Cream: Many commercial creams use coconut oil to exfoliate and moisturize. Simple raw coconut oil, which is free of chemicals, can be an affordable, natural replacement.

Rose Petal Toner: By boiling rose petals, it is possible to create a natural, fragrant astringent. Rose water can also be used as a bath elixir.


Comic Books for Kids

Author Nabila Khashoggi, the creator of the luxury skin care and home ambiance line NABILA K, used to entertain her toddler son with made-up stories about a boy who traveled the world inside a live green egg that just so happened to be an alien from another planet. The new comic book series for kids introduces environmental and cultural issues around the world in a fun and entertaining way, offering hope and creating a sense of commitment

Parents attempting to get their child interested in reading can turn to comic books, provided the content is age-appropriate. In fact, parents who are willing to do some research will have little trouble finding a series suited to their child. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, for example, is a romantic, high-school take on the classic Peter Parker saga, with an emphasis on the relationship between Parker and his girlfriend. Another, Amelia Rules, follows a young girl and her friends as they solve a series of make-believe crimes. Amid its lightheartedness, Amelia Rules also touches on real-world issues like the toll that American war in the Middle East has taken on families.

Parents can also look to the well-known Archie Comics series and the expansive catalog of Disney comics, all of which are free of violence and offensive language and can be used as colorful building blocks in a young reader’s library.

Commonly Used Natural Beauty Ingredients

Nabila Khashoggi launched Nabila K Cosmetics skin care and life style company in 2010. Using high quality, natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, lavender, and honey in her bath and beauty line, Nabila Khashoggi maintains a goal of offering high quality naturally dirived and beneficial products and wonderful fragrances.

Eucalyptus, for example, produces a refreshing, earthy scent that pairs well with aromas like lemongrass, pine, and juniper, and can be found in a variety of products ranging from bath soaps to mouthwash. Eucalyptus is also frequently used for therapeutic purposes, including clearing congestion, alleviating arthritic pains, and relieving muscle and joint aches.

Another natural ingredient commonly found in beauty products is honey. In addition to offering a variety of scents based on how and where it is harvested, honey possesses a unique ability to attract and retain moisture. This trait makes it ideal for use in moisturizers, creams, and other bath and body products that help combat dry skin.

The Children for Peace (ONLUS), Nonprofit Helping Children in Need

Established in Rome by Nabila Khashoggi’s stepmother, The Children for Peace (ONLUS) is a fully volunteer nonprofit that operates without paid staff. It succeeds through generous donations and the support of numerous celebrities who appear at major fundraising events in Italy, Spain, and other parts of the world. A successful entrepreneur with a skin care and life style company Nabila K and author of the children’s graphic novel series Spartan and the Green Egg, Nabila Khashoggi is a passionate supporter of the humanitarian organization.

A humanitarian nonprofit, The Children for Peace (ONLUS) engages individuals from around the world in its mission to change the lives of children who have few prospects for success. Its projects include aiding Syrian children in refugee camps; sponsoring Waunana, an indigenous tribe in Colombia that is in danger of extinction; and assisting children in some of the world’s poorest countries, including Ethiopia and Mali. Additionally, The Children for Peace (ONLUS) supports anti-polio campaigns, educates children in topics such as HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention, and provides opportunities for children in orphanages. All of its work revolves around providing children living in areas affected by poverty, starvation, and a lack of resources with opportunities to succeed.

Effects of the Internet On Travel

Nabila Khashoggi is a co-founder of Infolex, a company utilized by both businesses and individual tourists looking for information on travel, entertainment, shopping and hotel reservations throughout the United States. Infolex provided this information through a computerized portals that were located in hotels airports, train stations and other public area for easy access. As a co-founder of Infolex, Nabila Khashoggi helped market the computerized system that was made available all across North America and Europe.

There are very few modern industries that have not been affected in some way by the ever increasing presence and capacity of the Internet. The tourism and travel industry has changed completely in the digital age, experiencing equal triumphs and setbacks. The Internet has made worldwide communication as easy as pressing a button, furthering globalization and fostering a sense of security in those who visit foreign countries.

On the other hand, the ease with which a person can access information, videos, and images of another country can sometimes discourage travel itself. The experience of streaming a live clip of Old Faithful erupting may pale in comparison to witnessing the event in reality, but it may curb one’s desire to plan an expensive and time-consuming trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

New York-based Nabila Khashoggi currently raises financing for industrial and entertainment projects. She is also the author of a comic book series, and she runs Nabila K Cosmetics, a lifestyle and cosmetics company that specializes in natural skin care products. Throughout her varied career, Nabila Khashoggi has proven her strong entrepreneurial drive by engaging in numerous business endeavors.

An entrepreneur develops an idea and then initiates a business, usually with some potential risk involved. Entrepreneurship generally requires long hours and great sacrifices, but the potential rewards are tremendous. Successful entrepreneurs possess the following characteristics:

1.) Leadership Skills – An entrepreneur must have strong decision making abilities and the ability to motivate people to achieve a common goal.
2.) Self-motivated – A successful entrepreneur works tirelessly to resolve problems.
3.) Ethics and Integrity – Consumers and other businesses are not interested in doing business with anyone who does not possess high standards and integrity.
4.) No Fear of Failure – Successful entrepreneurs must take risks in order to obtain rewards.
5.) Innovative – Successful entrepreneurs are always coming up with new ideas or working to improve existing ideas.
6.) Always Learning – Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask questions when necessary.
7.) Competitive – Entrepreneurs enjoy a challenge, and they like to win.
8.) Strong Network of Peers – The best entrepreneurs understand they cannot succeed alone.

Using Essential Oils to Improve Mood

Nabila Khashoggi, co-founder of Children of Peace International, has become a noted actress and author, in addition to heading her own business endeavors. She founded a natural skin care product company known as Nabila K Cosmetics. In this position, Nabila Khashoggi leverages her knowledge of and interest in alternative medicines, including the mood effects of essential oils.

The use of essential oils, also known as aromatherapy, has proven effects on people’s physical, mental, and emotional states. In regard to mood, essential oils require activation of the sense of smell—the only one of the senses linked to the brain’s emotional control center, the limbic lobe—thereby enhancing one’s emotional life and providing a sense of well-being.

Studies have determined links between essential oils and mood, which may vary slightly from individual to individual. Lemon oils, for instance, increase norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that contributes to mood regulation. Lavender oils can ease stress and have demonstrated an ability to relieve depression and insomnia. Many other essential oils provide similar benefits.

The Children For Peace – Actively Helping Disadvantaged Children

Based in New York, entrepreneur, actress, author, Nabila Khashoggi heads a skin care products company, Nabila K, that develops products made from the finest naturally derived ingredients. Her current philanthropic efforts are focused on The Children For Peace.

Co-founded by Nabila Khashoggi’s step-mother, Lamia Khashoggi, The Children For Peace addresses the situations of children around the world for whom survival itself is a pressing issue. The nonprofit’s leadership has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that much time and money is spent to research the plight of various populations of children while nothing is done to change the circumstances that threaten their lives.

The Children For Peace pays no salaries or directors’ fees, and, except for the cost of filing the necessary documents annually with the Italian government, all monies donated go directly to the programs the organization sponsors. These programs are in Ethiopia, Mali, and the Palestinian Territories, and primarily provide food, medical attention, and education.

Nabila Khashoggi – The Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Entrepreneur Nabila Khashoggi has founded an all-natural skin care company to offer environmentally friendly products that are good for your skin. What’s so different about natural cosmetics? Nabila Khashoggi mentions the following:

– Natural cosmetics contain no chemicals or synthetics. The makeup is derived from natural ingredients, such as plant and flower extracts. As such, the makeup is safe to use and gentler on the skin. It also contains healthy oils, vitamin E, shea butter, and more.

– Plant-based cosmetics tend not to alter your skin’s composition the way some manufactured cosmetics can. They won’t expose your skin to harsh chemicals or reduce your skin’s natural oils, and they don’t contribute to skin imperfections like pimples or obstructed pores.

– Most natural makeup is tested in laboratories, not on animals, a benefit for consumers looking for products that don’t follow practices that mistreat animals. Natural makeup also doesn’t contain components derived from animals.

Children for Peace (ONLUS) Projects

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Nabila Khashoggi devotes a substantial amount of her energy to helping children of the world who are struggling. Ms. Khashoggi’s work with Children for Peace (ONLUS) ranks among her important philanthropic causes.

Co-founded by Nabila Khashoggi’s stepmother, Children for Peace (ONLUS) is headquartered in Rome. The non-governmental organization addresses issues such as HIV/AIDS, education, and war. When Children for Peace identifies children in need of essentials for survival, including food, medical assistance, and education, the organization takes action to remedy the situation. In Mali, for example, Children for Peace worked with Mujeres Solidarias and Concordia Charity to improve literacy in the children of Dogan Country in Mali.

Currently, the organization provides assistance on the Syrian-Jordanian border at Al Za’atari, a Syrian refugee camp. Syrian refugees, often entering Jordan with only the clothes in which they fled war-torn homes, need water, shelter, and food. Children for Peace accepts clothing, vitamins, and monetary contributions and ensures donations arrive to those who need them.